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School Life – Secondary School

School Life

School Day

Code of Dress

A clean, tidy appearance is expected of students at all times. Maintaining a high standard of dress
through correctly wearing the school Code of Dress and Sports Uniform is part of the training we
seek to give students here at school. We would like to inculcate in the students a sense of pride
and personal responsibility complying with the Code of Dress to its best advantage. We want our
students to have a sense of professionalism in terms of how they present themselves. They have
a responsibility to be clean and tidy in appearance at all times. Logos and Fashion labels go
against the inclusive ethos of The Teresian School and are not permitted.

Our Code of Dress allows considerable scope for individuality and self-expression. It enhances
our students’ dignity and respect for themselves and others.

The Code of Dress as specified below must be worn coming to and going home from school,
including during all Exams.

  • A kilt of the student’s choice, available from Uniformity and other outlets, properly
    pleated, worn to knee length. The kilt pin must be worn at all times. Pleated skirts are not
  • Trousers of the student’s choice, which may be purchased from any retailer. Trousers
    must be either straight-leg or bootcut. They can be black, navy or charcoal (dark) grey and
    must be high-waisted. No skinny trousers or denim is permitted.
  • A white shirt with a collar, which should be always tucked in. Coloured layers and tshirts are not permitted.
  • A co-ordinating plain coloured jumper without cable, logos or design. No polo necks,
    cardigans, over-sized jumpers or hoodies may be worn.
  • Plain dark shoes. Shoes may be loafers or moccasins. No canvas, sport shoes, pumps or
    boots may be worn in school.
  • Knee-length plain dark or white socks or tights.
  • The navy crested school jacket.
  • Hair clean and tidy and back from the face. Conservative hair styles only permitted.
    Natural colour hair dyes only permitted. No hair scarf should be worn.
  • A bracelet, a ring and no more than two pairs of small earrings (in the ear lobes) may
    be worn. No facial or tongue piercings permitted. A light, discreet chain may be worn.
    Chokers are not permitted. The school takes no responsibility for jewellery items that go
  • No visible tattoos are permitted.
  • Light make-up only worn by 5th and 6th Years. Other years are not permitted to wear
    makeup. Only natural/nude colour nail varnish is permitted. Fake tan is strongly discouraged
    but if worn by senior students for special occasions it must be minimal and natural looking.
  • All clothes must be clean, in good repair, properly pressed and the correct size. All clothes worn to
    school should be clearly marked with the student’s name. This includes shoes.

See full dress code HERE

Pastoral Care


I ask you for a new system, a new method inspired in love.  St Pedro Poveda 

Rooted in our Christian and Povedan identity, pastoral care promotes the integral development of all members of the school community that is marked by freedom, respect, warmth, joy, simplicity, active participation and a sense of belonging. 

Staff, families and students promote a safe and supportive environment where students themselves are fully involved in the process of their own learning. Class tutors play a significant role in animating school life and encouraging commitment to justice and human rights. 


Pastoral care is coordinated by the Principal, Deputy Principal, Career Guidance, Students Office and the Pastoral Care Officer. This team promotes and addresses academic progress and challenges, the physical, social, emotional and spiritual well-being of each student and all members of the school community. 


We must all cooperate. Each person has a place, a duty, a responsibility. St Pedro Poveda 

Compassion, caring attention and commitment to others are learned and experienced in volunteer activities, international solidarity projects and caring for the environment. This is another dimension where students can develop their sense of self, of purpose and learn that they can make a difference and engage constructively with those around them. 

Well-grounded in their own identity, in these activities students can experience and reflect on plurality, respect and celebrate diversity and value intercultural and interfaith dialogue. A deep and inclusive sense of community and work for the common good are fostered. 


The aim for each school year marks the life of the school and serves as a theme in the life of the school:  atmosphere, campaigns, celebrations, daily class work, experiences of faith and solidarity. It is to be embraced, reaffirmed, adopted and encouraged in everyday living during the year.   


Within the school’s holistic approach, the Pastoral Care Officer’s role includes  

  • Special responsibility for communicating knowledge and enhancing celebration of the Teresian School identity, history and Christian ethos among staff, students and parents. 
  • Activities and liturgical celebrations that raise awareness and commitment to the vision-mission of the Teresian Association (TA), including ecumenical and interfaith services
  • Creating opportunities for inter-school link-ups with other TA Education centres around the world.
  • Enabling students and staff to connect with TA socio-educational projects and international TA projects.
  • Promoting student awareness of pressing development and social issues (migration, sustainable living, intercultural and interreligious dialogue) as integral life skills, solidarity and inclusion, in keeping with the international outlook of the school.
  • Meeting students, providing a listening space 
  • Being available to all, whether for support in daily challenges or for spiritual concerns, relating to any faith or none.

Guidance Counselling

Guidance Counselling in The Teresian School is offered to all students. The Guidance Office uses Careers Portal – Please click on link below to access The Teresian School guidance and counselling website:

Career Guidance Portal

The School Food Co

The School Food Company operates a canteen service in the school. They serve at little break and lunchtime. Wraps or salads for after school can be ordered at lunchtime and will be left for collection by students staying late for activities or study. The canteen operates a cashless system. Fobs and an explanatory leaflet have been distributed to students and staff. Please see below a sample menu.

Sample Menu

Online Payment Portal

Compass Login

The Teresian Secondary School uses Compass for student attendance and reports. We strongly encourage all parents to download the app to facilitate this communication of information. Parents will receive login information at the start of the academic year.

Go to the Compass site.

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