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The Teresian Junior School provides a unique educational experience for girls from four to twelve years of age. We follow the Irish Primary School Curriculum, in addition to offering classes in Spanish, French, Computer Studies and Violin. We have a dedicated team of teachers who inspire our students to achieve outstanding academic results.

Curriculum Areas:

  • Religious Education
  • Languages: Irish, English and Spanish (from Class 2)
  • Mathematics
  • Initiation in Computer Literacy
  • Social, Environmental and Scientific Studies, History, Geography, Science, Nature, Citizenship Studies.
  • Art Education: Art Crafts and Handwork, Music, Choir, Speech and Drama
  • Physical Education: Gymnastics, Dance, Hockey, Basketball, Soccer, Tennis
  • Social, Personal and Health Education

Religious Education:

Opportunities for religious experience are provided through liturgy, the Sacraments, prayer, retreats, solidarity and other social awareness campaigns and activities at class or School level. Open-mindedness and appreciation of other traditions and faiths are considered important. Personal integrity is emphasised as a goal, together with the responsible use of freedom in the face of decisions. The School fosters a climate of caring and involvement in which the students learn to share their personal resources and thus help build a more just and peaceful society.

Physical Education:

The Teresian School boasts a wide variety of excellent sporting facilities including:

  • A hockey pitch
  • Tennis and basketball courts
  • A large sports hall
  • Gym equipment
  • Ample grounds for outdoor recreation

All students are expected to take part in sport and play in matches outside school hours if they are members of a School team. League and friendly matches are played regularly with other schools.

Science and Technology:

Applications like Word processing, Data Base Management, Spreadsheets, Basic Programming and ECDL are taught in order to prepare students for today´s society.

The School has a computer network to allow students to gain hands-on experience.

Modern Languages:

The “communicative” approach is a feature of the teaching process as well as the use of computer software.

Spanish is taught from Class 2 in the Junior School. French is the other modern language offered in the Secondary School.


Homework is set to give the pupils the opportunity to revise and practice skills beyond the classroom. This allows parents to become actively involved in the learning process.

Books and paper are kept in school. They will be supplied by the school and a charge for these will be added to the bill at the end of the year.

Homework will be sent home throughout the year. This will depend on the ability of the child and their readiness for it.

Parents must sign homework when it is completed and ensure it is returned to school the next day.

Resource/Learning Support – Early Intervention

If the teacher feels a child requires further assistance in maths or reading, she/he will have the opportunity to work with the Resource Learning Support Teacher.

School Self Evaluation – LAOS

LAOS – The Inspectorate has developed a new Quality Framework for Schools. The framework is published in Looking at Our School 2016 A Quality Framework for Primary Schools. It provides a unified and coherent set of standards for two dimensions of the work of schools: teaching and learning and leadership and management. The Quality Framework will inform the work of inspectors as they monitor and report on the work in schools. The teaching and learning dimension of the Quality framework will support schools as they engage in the school self-evaluation process.


School Self Evaluation – Looking at our Schools

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