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Drop Everything and Read (D.E.A.R.) is a reading initiative when we stop everything we’re doing and share in the experience of reading for 40 minutes.

We hope you will pick up something interesting to get involved in D.E.A.R. this year. Don’t forget to check out the Recommended Reads from the Library to help you find something.

Happy Reading!

Friday 25th September –                                 12.05pm

Monday 12th October –                                   9.10am

Tuesday 24th November –                             10.45am

Wednesday 16th December –                         9.50am

Thursday 21st January –                                2.55pm

Friday 26th February –                                   2.15pm

Thursday 4th March –                                     1.35pm   W.B.D.

Tuesday 20th April –                                        11.25am

Wednesday 19th May –                                   9.10am