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BT Young Scientist and Technology Exhibition

Our Teresian girls from 1st, 2nd and Transition Years visited the BT Young Scientist and Technology Exhibition recently. Here’s what they thought of it:

Astrid , 1st year

Today, 10th of January, the first years, second years and transition years went to the BT Young Scientist and Technology exhibition. Attending this turned out to be a great experience for learning more about Science, Technology, Engineering and Maths. The exhibition showed us how STEM subjects apply to our lives. An example of this is the “Physics of Breakdancing” show at the BT Arena, that made me think of how physics is present in every movement we make. Today’s exhibition reminded me that learning about STEM subjects can be done in a way that is enjoyable, while learning and practising.


Catriona, 1st year

I loved going to the BT Young Scientist and Technology exhibition. One of the most interesting parts was when I went to visit a 3D space show. It told us how crowded the space above earth is and how bad it can be if two manmade things that orbit the earth crash. We learned about the big bang as well.

I learned how important it is to ensure all your electronics are in a responsible place/area or else it can cause a fire e.g. leaving your phone on your pillow, it can overheat and cause a fire. I learned that turtles’ shells are connected to them.

Maeve, 1st year

Today we went to the BT Young Scientists. First, we went to the show “Airmazing: Engineering the future” show and I was picked to help with one of his experiments. He put a postcard on top of a glass full of water and flipped it upside down above my head. The water didn’t spill on my head because of the air pressure holding the postcard on. Afterwards we walked around and looked at the projects. Some interesting projects included “can home ec prevent childhood obesity” and “are teenagers smarter than adults” and many more. This has really benefitted my enjoyment of STEM subjects.