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Who we are

The Teresian School is a Catholic school under the trusteeship of The Teresian Association, a group committed to living Christian values in their family and working life. The Association was founded in 1911 by St Pedro Poveda in Spain and is a Private Lay Association of the Faithful. 

In setting up the Association Pedro Poveda found inspiration in St Teresa of Avila as someone who embodied the Christian and human ideal, “eminently human while belonging fully to God.”  The Association runs a number of schools in Spain, Latin America and the Philippines, together with the school in Dublin.

Joy, Fortitude and Love

The motto of the Teresian Association across the world is “Joy, Fortitude & Love”. Here in The Teresian School Dublin we incorporate this ethos into every aspect of school life – from the classroom to the hockey pitch and on all of our outings – joy, fortitude and love form the foundation of our mission.

Our Mission

The Teresian School incorporates a Pre-School, Junior School and Secondary School. Students are educated in an intimate learning environment, with students taught in small class sizes and given personal attention from their dedicated teachers. We are a close knit and friendly school akin to a family – hence we address each other on a first-name basis. The strong sense of community with high levels of respect between students, staff and parents is something which we highly value in The Teresian School.

Here each student’s individual talents and skills are encouraged and promoted. We provide our students with the guidance and support to develop their talents enabling them to reach their unique potential.

The Teresian School is an inclusive community. We welcome students from diverse backgrounds while encouraging an appreciation for the Catholic faith.

The school has a Pastoral Care Team which meets on a weekly basis and we work to support the students’ learning, social, emotional and behavioural needs.

It is our aim that the students in our care receive a well-balanced and holistic education and that they will develop core values which will stand to them for life.

Our Facilities

The Teresian School is located on 5 acres in Donnybrook, Dublin 4, with separate buildings for the  Junior and Pre-School and the Secondary School. 

The grounds boast an astro turf sports pitch, tennis courts, student gardens and a fully enclosed junior play area. 

The school underwent a large scale renovation in 2017 to add a multi-purpose Jubilee Hall for sports and drama, which is shared between the Secondary and Junior Schools. The Victoria Diez Library was established in 2019 and provides a magical reading and study space for students across all three schools.

The Secondary School offers two science labs and a home economics room to provide students with a broader range of subject choices.