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A Message to Younger Years from the Class of 2020

The Teresian Class of 2020

 The Class of 2020 has officially finished school and graduated.

This is a message to younger years, from a sixth year of 2020 that has missed out on her final weeks of secondary school.

Before our Taoiseach closed schools on March 12th, I attended school with a mindset that every new day in school was a day closer to university and the freedom that comes with it. However, this time of self-isolation has made me reflect heavily on the past fifteen years at the Teresian School. On our homestretch of secondary school, Covid-19 deceptively tripped us up so close to the finish line. My anticipation to go to college and not be restricted by kilt lengths or jumper logos has now been replaced by a yearning to return to school and be surrounded by pupils from every year, teachers of every subject and most importantly, my class of 2020. And after fifteen years of friendships, memories and life lessons acquired from 12 Stillorgan Road, I hope to share the importance of appreciating and soaking in our time in school.

To every student in younger years, it is important to remember that everyday spent in school is a day well spent. You are educating yourselves, surrounded by your biggest supporters. Take in every aspect of school life. Be a part of the hockey team, debating team, green school committee or maths club. One thing that has greatly impacted my life is what I have gain from being a team member. You allow yourself to grow when you put yourself forward and step out of your comfort zone. And don’t take any school day for granted. Put on your uniform in the morning with pride and attend every day of school with gratitude that you are not completing school at home amidst a pandemic or having graduation via Zoom. As a sixth year, your final weeks will be bittersweet, but they are nothing to be taken for granted. The coronavirus has made us all appreciate the freedom we have in our day-to-day lives but it has made me cherish the memories made in school and be grateful for the all that I gained from school. It’s important to remember not to take yourself too seriously. That any negatives in school life are ALWAYS ruled out by the positives. Don’t be afraid to ask questions or share your opinion because each pupil’s input adds to the richness of education. We are all blessed to be surrounded by the grace, patience and humour of Teresian pupils. The sense of community and family in Teresians is like no other and I constantly felt encouraged and uplifted at school such as at gatherings when we came together in celebration or hockey team huddles.

I wish very single student the best in the years to come. Your time to graduate will one day come too so cherish the fortune that is our normality – being a part of The Teresian community.

From the Class of 2020