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Maths Week kicked off this year on the 14th of October. On Monday the Maths Department along with the Numeracy Leaders (pictured above) held a special Maths Café at lunch time, where students from all years solved puzzles and won prizes. This was a fun event that everyone enjoyed and helped Maths week get off to a good start.

1st year students enjoying Maths Café.

On Wednesday, the Maths teachers took the Transition year students to the National Museum of Archaeology to see how Maths influences and transforms Art, specifically Celtic Artwork. This tied in with a module that the students are currently studying in which they learn about how Technical Drawing, patterns and Algorithms were and are used in Art.

TY students enjoying the workshop and Museum experience

Throughout the week students attempted the two Maths puzzles put on the notice board by the Numeracy Leaders. These puzzles are put up on a weekly basis and test both Senior and Junior years on their Maths skills. Students tried these at home, in class, at their breaks and was a great way to get everyone involved in problem solving and thinking outside the box.

Students also guessed how many sweets were in a jar that was left in reception. The student whose guess was closest and who won the jar of sweets was Florence Miller-Carney of 1S.

3rd year students awaiting the winner of the “Guess how many sweets are in the jar” competition.

On Friday, we finished off Maths Week with a problem-solving scavenger hunt with the 1st and 2nd years. The Numeracy Leaders went out before class to hide all the clues around the hockey pitch and outdoor area. Students then had to find clues, solve Maths questions, and try get the final answer to win a prize. This was a great way to bring Maths outside in a fun way that everyone enjoyed.

2nd year students enoying the Maths Scavenger hunt on Friday.

Overall Maths week was a huge success and students saw the fun side of Maths while getting involved in all sorts of activities.

– By our 6th year Numeracy Leaders (feature photo)



In the Junior School, classes 4-6 held a ‘Maths Bee’ where students were quizzed for speed and accuracy in their mental calculations. Éina Pang, from 6th Class, was crowned the winner of the maths bee.

Éina Pang, Maths Bee Champion, with Junior School Principal Lynda McHale

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