The Teresian School

Joy, Fortitude and Love


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The present school exists on the grounds of what was once St Margaret’s, a private house that in 1960 became Our Lady’s Hostel, a residence for students of nearby UCD.  At the request of the then Archbishop of Dublin, Dr John Charles McQuaid, young members of the Association, both Irish and Spanish, set up the school in 1965, and with the help of the larger Association, constructed the new building. They began by establishing a primary level which over the years developed into a complete school, with Pre-School, Primary and Secondary levels. It is celebrating its 50th birthday this year.

“Whatever you do, do it with all your heart!” (Pedro Poveda)


  The Teresian School offers an education:


IMG_1877 copyThat is human in character and treats each student as unique, capable of growing and developing in the spiritual, social, academic, artistic, and physical dimensions.

That is Christian in identity, centred on the Gospel as a source of educational values. It expresses faith in Christ, together with respect for the different religions in Ireland today.

That promotes academic excellence, with openness to the emerging values of tomorrow.

That encourages cooperative methodologies among students, along with critical reflection and acquaintance with other cultures.

That seeks to form our students as responsible citizens of the country and the world, who can stand for human rights, peace, justice and solidarity with all people in need.

That believes in the importance of self-assessment as a tool for progress, and sees the need for the constant up-dating of educators in a changing world.

It is a fee-charging school.

The motto of the School is Joy, Fortitude and Love.