The Teresian Pre-School Care and Education Policy

The Teresian Pre-School aims to provide childcare and education to the highest standard.  This takes place in a safe, happy, child-centered, and child-friendly setting where the children experience the joy of learning and growing.

They are encouraged to learn through experience in a warm stimulating environment, guided by experienced and well-trained teachers convinced that children learn when they are loved, respected and allowed to choose.

With this approach the teachers prepare the environment and plan activities, making every effort to encourage the individuality and potential of each child.

Our education encompasses the spiritual, social, emotional, physical, intellectual and linguistic dimensions.

In the Pre-School we follow the Montessori method.  This blends very well  with the Síolta and Aistear programmes, the Irish programmes for children between three and six years.

Care is taken to provide a healthy diet for the children, while healthy hygiene habits are a priority.


Pre School 1

Teresian Website-159 (1)Pre-School I offers the child a flexible play and learning environment, catering for her/his individual needs.

Language development is very important at this stage, and with increasing vocabulary the child begins to use sentences rather than single words.

Awareness of others becomes noticeable at this stage. The teachers take every opportunity to educate for good relationships and behaviour, in a happy and relaxed atmosphere.

We build up the child’s confidence in a positive manner, promoting self-esteem and encouraging her/him to talk freely in an atmosphere of trust and care.  Our goal is to support the children on their journey of life-long learning.

Activities: imaginative play in play room, jigsaws, building bricks, Montessori practical life and sensorial exercises, physical education, arts and crafts, Playball, storytelling, drama, music, songs, rhymes, pictures, playdoh, quiet time with books.

A theme is planned for each month, expressed in relevant stories, poems, pictures, numbers etc.

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Pre-School 2

Our focus in Pre-School 2 is to enrich language and  number, and to approach the cultural subjects of the Montessori programme using the various graded pieces of Montessori material.  Pre-School 2 is a more structured environment where the child learns to concentrate through working on more individualised material. This material is designed to encourage independence and co-ordination.

The task of socialisation continues and the child learns to give and take, to respect others and to respect property.

Activities: imaginative play, poems, songs, drama, story-telling, number material and everything that  helps to develop language, creative activities, PE and Playball.

A theme is planned for each month.


Pre-School 3

Teresian Website-190The aim of Pre-School 3 is to prepare the child for the exciting next step of entry to Junior School.  The Aistear
programme is integrated with the Montessori programme, and the child is introduced to the more advanced pieces of number, pre-reading and pre-writing equipment.

The child grows more aware of her/his abilities and enjoys making choices and achieving success in tasks.  All class activities are geared towards increasing self-esteem and self-confidence, both in personsalised work and communication with others.  The children are encouraged to listen to others and to express themselves clearly and articulately when it is their turn to speak.  They are given many opportunities to express themselves, be creative and experiment. Their interest in the written word increases as they begin to link it with what is read to them.  They discover a new world when they begin to read their first words.  Abundant material to aid discovery of number and the written word is made available to them.

The monthly theme gives many opportunities for holistic learning.

Motor skills become more refined now and so more advanced skills are taught in Playball and PE lessons.  Singing, music and drama are also of great benefit, as are all kinds of creative activities: painting, colouring, cutting, sticking and making.

Activities: personalised work on more advanced Montessori materials: number rods, moveable alphabet, writing numbers and letters, tracing shapes and figures, arts and crafts, PE, speaking in front of the class giving news, information etc.

A theme is planned for each month, giving a focus to activities…