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The Teresian Association


The Teresian School is a Catholic school run by the Teresian Association, a group of women and men committed to living Christian values in their family and working life.  The Association was founded in 1911 by St Pedro Poveda in Spain and is a Private Lay Association of the Faithful.  While the majority of its members work in individual, private posts, the Association runs a number of schools in Spain, Latin America, and the Philippines, together with the school in Dublin. These schools follow Poveda’s educational ideals.

“Ours is not a spirit of fear, but a spirit of fortitude and love”.

Sch Buildings 2In setting up the Association Pedro Poveda found inspiration in St Teresa of Avila as someone who embodied the Christian and human ideal, “eminently human while belonging fully to God.” At the outset of the last century in an increasingly secular Spain, the Association emerged from Poveda’s efforts to encourage the effective presence of Christians in the world of education and culture.  Approved by the local Church in 1911, it received universal recognition in Rome in 1924.  The Teresian Association shares in the evangelising mission of the Church.

“Our aim is to educate seriously, solidly, reasonably.”

“I ask of you a new system, a new method …inspired in love.” (Pedro Poveda)