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The Jubilee Building Project

The Jubilee Building Project was launched in March 2015. Following a consultation process with the parent body as well as other key stakeholders, the Teresian Association  authorised The Teresian School to proceed with a transformational development which would allow the School to thrive for many years to come.

The development included –

  • A Multi-Purpose Hall
  • A Renovated Pre-School and Junior School
  • Classroom Space and Student Facilities

The Project was be financed by –

  • Existing funds of the Teresian School
  • A contribution from the Teresian Association
  • Carry-over funding for a Hall from Project 2000

Financial support was also sought from parents, past pupils and friends to make this project possible and to secure the future of our School for now and generations to come.

See below photos of the completed Jubilee Building Project – September 2017

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