S.O.S – A Huge Success


Our School Musical based on the songs of ABBA

This year our school musical was ā€œS.O.Sā€; a take on Mamma Mia with all of the ABBA songs. I thoroughly enjoyed being part of the musical and it was a very enjoyable way to get to interact with different students from different years. With the new hall and stage, the production was a great success and we got a lot of positive feedback after our two performances.

A lot of hard work and dedication went in to making this play possible, we started rehearsals in September and since then have had after-school and weekend rehearsals.

There are many people to thank for making the play possible but most importantly on behalf of the cast our gratitude must go to Aine Keegan. Aine directed the play from the beginning, she was greatly loved by us all and her patience and drive was a true inspiration to us.

By: Amy Maguire
Transition Year

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