Report on Friendship Week

Last week was Friendship Week and students had the opportunity to take part in a Mindfulness session, a calming start to the day. On Monday there was a concert with students performing music, song and dance from China, Ireland, India and Spain.

Continuing the multicultural theme was a lunch on Wednesday with students and parents from at least 16 countries providing delicious dishes from their native country. Everyone had a chance to sample every dish and we all had an interesting, scrumptious lunch and great fun. Heartfelt thanks to parents, students and staff who generously went to a lot of time and trouble to prepare native dishes. Some dressed in beautiful traditional costumes which added to the occasion.

The final event of the week was a performance by Simon James which went down a treat with 1st to 3rd Years. Apart from singing several popular numbers, Simon spoke to the students about internet safety and discrimination.

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