Report from Peru

Postcards from Peru with Love…

It has been less than a week and already we can feel the significance of this once in a lifetime summer volunteer trip. In the months, weeks and days leading up to this, in our minds we were preparing. We had all the gear, all plans were in place; we believed we were ready for what was to come. How wrong we were! We now know that no measure of mental preparation or rechecked packing list could possibly be enough. Nothing could have possibly softened the wave of emotions that we felt on that crucial first bus ride towards and through Villa El Salvador. The poverty and destitution that we witnessed was a vision that will never truly leave us. At the beginning it was daunting to even think about leaving the Guadix Centre and venture out into the desolate and dog-infested streets. We were content to watch from afar. However, the tide has most definitely turned. We have been welcomed with open arms by the people of Villa El Salvador and have seen first-hand their strength of character and community. We are looking forward to delving further into this raw but undoubtedly good-natured city and we can only hope that any one of our actions makes even the smallest difference.

Aoife, Emily, Emma, Holly, Kate, Jane, Sarah.

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