Well done to the following TY students who presented their Sport Science projects in the PE Xpo held on Wed 7th March in DCU.

Ella McGrath – The Effects of Caffeine on Physically Active Teenagers

Emily McAlinden & India Costello – What Foods Have A Better Effect on Performance; Energy Bars or Natural Food

Isabelle Kennedy & Megan Colgan Smyth – The Effect of Performance Enhancing Drugs

Sophie Casey, Maggie O’Gorman & Sophie McWilliams – How Sport Has Affected Irish Communities

Kira Xue, Xenia Ma, Holly Groom & Anna Byrne – Does Mental Toughness Have an Effect on Performance in Sport

Daniela Bowers & Kathryn Smyth – Effects of Injuries and Rehabilitation on Pro Athletes

Teresa Perez- Step Into Sport

Alexandra Duffy – Do Teenagers Know The Many Components of Fitness?

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