Our Lady of Covadonga

September 8

Our Lady of Covadonga


Holy Mary, you are my queen, protector, mother, and everything to me.

Enlighten me, guide me and never let me forget you, so that the memory of you may be my light, my strength and my consolation. I place myself entirely in your hands, and from now on, my eyes, ears, voice, heart and whole being belong to you. Take care of me, Mother, as your own.

– Saint Pedro Poveda, Covadonga 1910

Covadonga is significant as a historical icon of identity. Nature speaks first to the heart in this beautiful place, “where St Pedro Poveda, under the gaze of Our Lady, first thought of his great educational project – the Work- which was to give rise to the Teresian Association.  Here was the quiet atmosphere that inspired a spiritual mission that would extend far beyond the region of Asturias into the wider world.”

– Fr. Juan José Tuñón Escalada, Covadonga 2014

Every year, since 1934, representatives of the Teresian Association from around the world make a pilgrimage to Covadonga, “to seek light and help in the very place where the Association had its origin and to find consolation and protection for every moment of our lives” to use Poveda’s words. He later wrote, “It was in the presence of Our Lady that I could see the Work unfold, that I prayed over it and planned it.