On Wednesday March 6th, the TY students  and two 1st Year students entered the PE Xpo in DCU. Below is a list of projects entered –

The Placebo Effect in Sport – Pippa Mulhall, Kate Hudson, Faye Cantrell

How Different Diets Help People Perform – Claire Lin

Does Exercise Improve Your Memory? – Sophia Barretto

Does Exercise Help You to Sleep Better? – Julia Sampayo

Are Athletes Getting Bigger, Faster and Stronger? – Maggie Huang

Electrical Muscle Stimulation – Sophie Eustace, Suzie Barry

Is Figure Skating an Exclusive Sport? – Smrutha Sivakumar

Are Drugs Steroids? – Megan Dunne, Elsa Qiao, Chephirah Sundar

Well done to all involved.