Code of Dress

Representing Ourselves and the School

Code of Dress: We believe that the Code of Dress enhances our students’ dignity and respect for themselves and others. Our students have a responsibility to be clean, tidy and professional in appearance at all times. Logos and fashion labels go against the inclusive ethos of The Teresian School. We ask parents and students to choose clothing for school which does not have logos or fashion labels.

We expect parents to ensure that students are ready to come to School in full Code of Dress.

A kilt of the student’s choice (no pink kilts) available from several outlets including Uniformity, properly kilted,  worn to knee length. The kilt pin must be worn at all times. Pleated skirts are not permitted.

A white shirt with a collar, which should always be tucked in. Layers and coloured t-shirts are not permitted. A
co-ordinating plain coloured cardigan/jumper without cable, zip, logo or design.

Plain dark shoes. Shoes may be loafers or moccasins. No canvas, sport shoes, pumps or boots may be worn in school.

Knee-length plain dark or white socks or tights.

A plain coat, anorak, jacket or raincoat, or the School Jacket. No labels,logos or denim permitted.

Hair tidy and tied back from the face.

A ring and one pair of stud earrings (in the ear lobes) may be worn.

Dangling jewellery and nail varnish are not permitted.

Light make-up only worn by 5th and 6th Years. Other years are not permitted to wear makeup, including fake tan and foundation.

Students are to wear the Code of Dress to and from school. Full code of dress must be worn to all exams. Students are reminded of the School rules with regard to attendance and presentation throughout the exam period. All clothes worn to school should be clearly marked with the student’s name. This especially includes shoes.

Only The Teresian School tracksuit may be worn. Both it and other items are available from Email:
The Sports Kit consists of:
• A plain white collared aertex shirt
• Royal blue Teresian shorts
• Royal blue Teresian school tracksuit consisting of bottoms and hoodie
• Running Shoes/Cross-training runners

For hockey:
• Royal blue and gold Teresian hockey top and a plain white collared aertex shirt
• Royal blue Teresian hockey skirt
• Royal blue and gold Teresian hockey socks and plain white hockey socks
• Gum Shield/Shin-guards
• Hockey Stick

For basketball:
• Plain white sport socks
• Personalised basketball kit will be ordered in school in October
• Gum shield

A tracksuit, “hoodie” and/or runners must never be worn with The Teresian School code of dress