Here at The Teresian School we have decided to work towards achieving recognition as an Active School. It is a well-known fact that children who are more physically active perform better in the class room. Below is a list of benefits that participation in regular physical activity has been scientifically shown to have on children and their confidence levels.

– Helps reduce anxiety

– Strengthens peer relationships

– Improves fitness levels

– Improves memory

– Improves class room behaviour

– Maintains a healthy weight

In conjunction with the activities already in place for the Junior School, we now offer a wide range of strength and conditioning classes both before and after school (Monday 7.45 -8.20 am; Wednesday 7.45- 8.20 am & 4- 5 pm and Friday 4-5 pm) for our Secondary School students. The type of classes that will be run during these times will be announced every Monday morning at assembly and any student that would like a certain type of class should write it down and post it in the letter box outside of the PE office. At The Teresian School we encourage all our students to participate in a form of physical activity regardless of their capabilities. We want our students to understand that exercise is vital to overall school performance and adds to our mental well-being.