World Book Day

Teachers and students became their favourite book characters on World Book Day yesterday March 7th.

We had a full class of The Wizard of Oz, thanks to Kinder A plus a Cruella de Vil teacher and principal! We had Mr Trunchball from Matilda looking very cross and we even had a Dorothy to complete the Wizard of Oz characters. Each class paraded their costumes for the whole school and the effort and creativity displayed was wonderful.

After the parade fun games were organised in the hall for all the classes and these were thoroughly enjoyed by all.

Well done to everyone for embracing the day and hopefully you have been inspired to continue to enjoy reading for many years to come!

The Scholastic Book Fair was also in school for the week. Each class visited the Book Fair over the course of the week with their class teacher. For each euro spent at the Book Fair 60c is donated back to the school for the purchase of books. Last year the school earned over €3000 to spend on new books and we restocked class libraries with this money. With our new school library on the horizon we hope the Book Fair will be just as successful this year.

Enjoy the photos –

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