Book Club

Book Club Run by Lucy Fennell, Kinder B Teacher.

Wednesday’s Book club was set up in mid-January and has proved to be a huge success with our Class 4 and Class 5 girls. Book Club is a hugely popular way of engaging both avid and reluctant readers to open the box of reading delights.

What happens in Book Club?

Book Club doesn’t feel like another lesson. Every week- it is our discussion and tentative, think aloud style that leads the session. From time to time, prepared questions or statements will be put up to kick start the discussion, and sometimes we don’t do any reading at all- we spend our time chatting about our reading, doing some research, listening to pod-casts or doing some art work.

At the moment all members are reading the same book ‘I am David’ so that there is a shared context for discussion, but in the first couple of weeks different books were chosen every week which the girls brought to the group, reviewed and, thus widening the reading repertoire through peer recommendation.

Lucy Fennell – Teacher Kinder B