Retirement of Rosaleen Doherty


Retirement of Rosaleen Doherty,

Principal of the Teresian Junior and Pre-School

As this school year draws to a close we are saying goodbye to Rosaleen Doherty who retires as Principal of the Teresian Junior and Pre-School, – a post she has held for longer than almost anyone can remember.  However we are glad to report that Rosaleen will continue her influence in the School as Manager for the foreseeable future.

Rosaleen, a member of the Teresian Association, has devoted almost the whole of her professional life to the Teresian School, beginning on the very first day when the school opened in 1965!  After first teaching at secondary level Rosaleen qualified as a primary teacher, teaching in both Carlow and the inner city before returning to the Teresian School as Principal of the Junior School.   It has since enjoyed Rosaleen’s extraordinary dedication and passion for education over a great many years.

In the educational ideals of St Pedro Poveda, which seeks to blend faith with knowledge in the minds and hearts of young people, Rosaleen found an inspiration that matched her own passion for education.  Put simply, Jesus was the inspiration and love of her life, the source of the extraordinary energy and dedication which filled her days.

Rosaleen’s untiring love of the children was seen in how she related to and befriended each one of them, along with their parents.  She took a personal interest in each one that did not stop after Class 6 but continued through secondary cycle and later life.  Especially in weekly assemblies Rosaleen led both pupils and teachers into deeper understanding of the Christian life and Povedan educational ideals.

Rosaleen has been an inspiring leader of staff and pupils, both loving and demanding, gifted in relating and with a particular, rare wisdom born of her perceptive grasp of reality.  Her capacity for work, which extended far beyond a full pre-school day into an endless variety of evening meetings and events, was an iceberg whose tip alone was visible.

The Teresian School owes Rosaleen an enormous debt of gratitude that can never be fully expressed.  As Principal she will be greatly missed.  However we take consolation in the fact that she will continue to contribute to the school as Manager in the coming years.

Thank you, Rosaleen, from the bottom of our hearts!



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