Secondary School Curriculum/Booklists


1st Yr 18-19

2nd Yr 18-19

3rd Yr 18-19

4th Yr 18-19

5th Yr 18-19

6th Yr 18-19


Teresian-Website-232 SMALLOur curriculum focuses the student on their own learning and personal growth. From the Junior Cycle, through Transition Year and on to the Leaving Certificate, there are rich and varied opportunities for success in The Teresian School.

Group and personal advice on career choice and vocational guidance are provided throughout the school. We assess students in a variety of ways and seek to acknowledge and reward student achievement in all areas. We promote assessment for learning. There are in-school examinations at the end of the Autumn and Summer terms as well Mock Examinations for 3rd and 6th Years at the end of January.

We report regularly to parents. There are detailed reports in December, at Easter and at the end of the Summer Term as well as summary reports at Mid-Term in October and February. Parents may meet with teachers to discuss their daughter’s progress at any time and there is a scheduled Parent/Teacher meeting.

Junior Cycle Programme

This is a three year programme including the following subject areas:

  • Religious EducationTeresian-Website-252 SMALL
  • Irish
  • English
  • Mathematics
  • Spanish
  • French
  • History
  • Geography
  • General Science
  • Home Economics
  • Art
  • Business Studies
  • Music
  • Physical Education
  • Civic, Social and Political Education
  • Social, Personal and Health Education

After 1st Year students choose from 2 subjects from a choice of French, Art, Home Economics, Business Studies and Music.

Transition Year

Transition Year is an exciting time of new growth and opportunities for our students. Details can be found here.

                                              Senior Cycle

Teresian Website-281Excellent opportunities for success are provided in our Senior Cycle. All students study Religious Education, Irish, English and Mathematics.

Every student can study Biology, Chemistry and Physics if they wish to do so. Spanish and French are offered.

Also on offer are: Business, History, Geography, Art and Craft and Home Economics/Social and Scientific. We can also offer Music subject to demand.

Religious Education  is offered as an examination subject.

In partnership with St. Michael’s we also offer: Applied Mathematics, Economics, Agricultural Science and Construction Studies.

Levels: Subjects for the Leaving Certificate are offered at Higher Level and Ordinary Level.

Physical Education is a key element of our curriculum and participation in sport is encouraged.


All students are supported in their future decisions and planning through Careers Guidance.