Jump for Joy

On Tuesday 15th May we held our annual Jump for Joy competition. Every year our 6th Years take on the organisation of this with our Sports Coordinator. This year the students decided to give each year group their own theme and they had to dress up to represent that.

1st Years: Circus

2nd Years: Rock Chicks

3rd Years: 80s

TYs: Pool Party

5th Years: Pyjama Party

6th Years: Prisoners

The afternoon was thoroughly enjoyed by all. The girls competed in their teams of Athás, Misneach & Grá in an obstacle course, hungry hippos, sticks (long jump competition), skipping and lots of relay races. The winning team was Misneach! To finish off, we had the Staff v 6th Years Rounders match……. with a win by the teachers!

All money raised from the Jump for Joy with go directly to Crumlin Children’s Hospital.

Report on Active Schools Week

Active School Week was a hugely popular week with the students. We kicked off the week on Sunday 22nd April with a Run to Peru; a 5K Family Fun run which was organised by our Business teacher, Micheline Gilsenan, and the TY students. This was a huge success and will definitely appear on the calendar next year. The money raised is going to our projects in Peru. On Monday we held a whole school assembly with a surprise flash mob! It was great to have every student in the Senior School performing the same dance, it was not an easy task, but they pulled it off and the staff had no idea what was happening. Well done to the Junior School dance teacher, Megan Doherty, who worked hard the week previous to put it all together.

Throughout the week, the following events took place:

  • TY students ran an activity with Preschool, Kinder A & Kinder B
  • 5th Years ran an activity with Class 1, 2 & 3
  • 6th Years ran an activity with Class 4, 5 & 6
  • 1st, 2nd & 3rd Years went rock climbing in UCD
  • 5th & 6th Years had a talk from Megan Williams (Irish Rugby Women’s National Player / Move  Energise Glow)
  • Athás, Misneach, Grá competed in a competition to see who could cycle the furthest (thanks to McSports for lending us 3 spin bikes for the day)
  • Staff v 6th Year Dodgeball match (ended in a draw!)

It was a fabulous week, but we now have to work out how to make ASW 2019 even better!!!


Report on Friendship Week

Last week was Friendship Week and students had the opportunity to take part in a Mindfulness session, a calming start to the day. On Monday there was a concert with students performing music, song and dance from China, Ireland, India and Spain.

Continuing the multicultural theme was a lunch on Wednesday with students and parents from at least 16 countries providing delicious dishes from their native country. Everyone had a chance to sample every dish and we all had an interesting, scrumptious lunch and great fun. Heartfelt thanks to parents, students and staff who generously went to a lot of time and trouble to prepare native dishes. Some dressed in beautiful traditional costumes which added to the occasion.

The final event of the week was a performance by Simon James which went down a treat with 1st to 3rd Years. Apart from singing several popular numbers, Simon spoke to the students about internet safety and discrimination.

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