Trip to Lourdes

On the 7th of September, I, Síofra Carlin, and four other sixth years, Sarah Domoney, Eva Harrington, Katie Magee and Lana Fitzgerald, went to Lourdes along with our teacher, Frances O’Brien.

We went to Lourdes to accompany and help sick pilgrims from the Dublin Diocese. With Sarah and Lana, it was our job to help sick pilgrims into chariots or wheelchairs in order for the pilgrims to explore Lourdes and attend the beautiful processions and services that were scheduled for the week. Eva and Katie were on ward duty. This meant that they had to take care of the pilgrims in their assigned wards.

Our time there was magical. We sang songs, chatted and assisted pilgrims in their wards every single day. It allowed us to catch a glimpse of how fortunate we are to be living in full health and happiness. The experience also gave us the opportunity to express our creative side of Christianity through interpreting God’s teachings in our own way every day.

We were never bored, the week was packed with an amazing Youth Mass, stunning processions and we got to take a trip to the Bath’s in Lourdes which gave us a closer insight to our faith. We went as ‘Blue Shirts’ which signified that it was our first time being there. Despite this, huge trust was put on us and I believe that we lived up to our responsibilities to make sure that the pilgrims had the best week of their lives. All the Blue Shirts joined together each night for a reflection, on two nights, we had a table quiz and a sing-song.

We would like to take this opportunity to thank the school for this outstanding experience and we would definitely recommend it to any student. The experience was overwhelming and it allowed us to develop as strong, capable and grateful individuals. We’d also like to thank all the students and teachers that kept us in their thoughts and prayers while we were on our pilgrimage.

By: Síofra Carlin

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