EDIT Games Spain

On Thursday 8th February, we went to the airport at 5a.m. fully awake as everyone was so excited to go to Jaen! The flight was successful and we arrived in Malaga airport at 11:55. We took a bus to Jaen with a little stop in Granada. When we arrived at the hotel we went to our designated rooms and got ready for the opening ceremony. A guide took us to the Cathedral Square, where we met all the schools participating and the Teresian Association.

We were very excited because we were thrilled to meet our Spanish friends. We marched through the streets of Jaen celebrating the big occasion. We concluded the march in the sports arena, where there was a number of speeches and shows. At the end of the ceremony all the Teresian schools were brought to the centre of the hall and we all sang the EDIT song.

On the second day our group went on a cultural visit to Jaen Castle and then out for lunch. After lunch we went to a museum to see the old Arabic baths and then we went to watch a breath-taking magic show.

On Saturday, we began playing sports. We played handball, football, volleyball, big ball, ultimate Frisbee, rug ball, capture the flag, basketball and a few others. We won 9 out of 11 of the matches that we played and we really enjoyed playing the other schools. We made loads of new friends. Then, we went to Colegio Pedro Poveda in Jaen. They had a really interesting museum with some of the items that Pedro Poveda had in his house and we met Josefa Segovia’s niece! It was so exciting! We also got to meet two members of the Jaen football team and got to try some Spanish hot chocolate.

On Sunday, we got up early to go to a special mass with all the other schools. Afterwards, we began the athletics events. We did shotput, long jump, high jump, sprints, 800m and a relay. We won all of these and we were very happy. Cosima McCormack won the shotput, Evie O’Riordan won the long jump, Lauren Boyle won the high jump, Jessica McConnWalsh won the sprints, Lucie Ritchie won the 800m and Evie O’Riordan, Katharine Clarke, Jessica McConn Walsh and Lucie Ritchie won the relay. After that, we went to the Closing Ceremony where we got to see some traditional Jaen dancing and amazing acrobats. We finished our long day with a disco to close Edit 2018 and had loads of fun.

On our last day, we got up at 6am to get on our coach. We got the bus to Malaga Airport. Everyone contributed some money to buy the people who didn’t come to Jaen a gift from Spain.

By: Lauren Boyle, Lucy Curran, Evie O’Riordan, Izzy Banim, Dorothy Miller Carney, Robyn Magner, Maria Mallin and Flynn Carter.

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3rd in Schools Fitness Challenge

Well done to the girls – we have come 3rd in the Irish Life Schools Fitness Challenge 2017

239 schools took part (53 single sex girls schools) in the recent Irish Life Schools Fitness Challenge with over 30,000 students. The girls completed a bleep test in PE class in September, a terms fitness module (alongside sport and PA after school) and another bleep test in early December.

Many thanks to Sandra Pye, Sports Coordinator and Vivienne Naughton, PE Teacher for organising the schools participation.


A huge well done to all 1st and 2nd Years for their participation in SciFest@School. SciFest took place on Thursday 1st February. The fair saw many visitors including students and teachers from the primary and secondary schools, other staff members and parents.

The projects were judged by a panel of four external judges: Phil Smyth, Head of Public Engagement at Cool Planet Experience, broadcaster and Science Communicator; Dr Rachel Clarke, Environmental Protection agency; Ciara Beausang, UCD School of Biosystems and Food Engineering and SciFest representative Anne Lynch. We were delighted to welcome back three judges from last year’s SciFest@School. The School is indebted to the judges for giving so generously of their time and expertise.

The judges were very impressed with the standard and variety of the projects and commended all the students for their efforts and enthusiasm, encouraging them to actively keep up their interest in Science.

Winners on the day were:

First Prize: How does make up affect your skin?

Lauren Boyle and Lucy Curran (1st Year)

Second Prize: Are your siblings the reason you are so nice?

Siofra Delany, Holly McHugh and Lucy Reynolds

Most Enthusiastic: Do people respond better to colour?

Jessica McConn Walsh and Emily Terry

Highly Commended: Rate of Evaporation

Kodi Leung, Sara Erdenesuren, Molly O’Beirne

Highly Commended: Music affects plant growth.

Nieves Chaves Perez, Iona Bi, Kylie Mae Cabamungan

In addition, each student received a SciFest@School certificate of participation.

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