Our Motto for the Year

This art work is by everyone in Class 5. It is our aim for the year “United in doing good”. We are going to try for the year to help our friends and then we will all be united in doing good.

By: Ella Flood

“To believe firmly and to stay silent is not possible” St Pedro Poveda

“UNITED IN DOING GOOD” 2017 – 2018


A Welcome Message

New School Year –

As September dawns and the leaves begin to change colour there is a palpable sense of excitement amongst the whole school community. Parents, students and teachers have high hopes and dreams for the year ahead. The anticipation and enthusiasm the new school year inevitably brings, has been heightened by the unveiling of our impressive new school facilities. We are blessed to have such a beautiful learning environment and excited to embrace the potential a new academic year offers.

As we settle into our new classrooms it is a wonderful opportunity to reflect on our aims and intentions for the year ahead. During the first assembly of the year the Junior School students thought about the school aim for the year: United in doing good. The students contributed ideas and decided that the aim provides the whole school community with the potential to improve and progress together.

Kinder A created this beautiful autumn tree together with their teacher Orla. A fantastic project and testament to the industrious atmosphere which is evident throughout the school.

The students and teachers reflected on their intentions for the year and listened to the following prayer:

Dear God,

Thank you for new beginnings,

Thank you for allowing us to start afresh this school year.

Help us to achieve the things we hope for in this coming year.